6 Degrees Group believes that in order to tell an engaging story, you must first cultivate relationships with compelling storytellers. Over its decade in the business, the team has nurtured a highly researched stalwart network of partners, niche influencers, local media personalities, and online content creators with an emphasis on leveraging popular local brands that can be engaged for real estate and hospitality focused social campaigns.

In a digital ecosystem that places more trust in influencers than in advertisers, strategic partnerships may greatly inform how properties are presented and how interest is generated. 6 Degrees Group is the first firm in the real estate space to recognize the significant value and exposure opportunities that highly engaged influencers can bring to individuals, community builders, and developers.  

By performing in-depth sourcing and management of its influencer partners to generate traffic, views, and content, the team will ensure that it remains at the forefront of not only what is relevant today but also what will be relevant tomorrow. 


Instagram Takeovers
Pop-up Events
Photo Meetups
B2B Location Photo Shoots
Educational Panels
Value-Added Partnerships
Visual Testimonials
Earned Media
Cross-Promotion Opportunities
Lifestyle Bloggers + New Media Coverage   


Collaboration Opportunities

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