“True team players. Definitive leaders. Trusted collaborators.Other social mediacompanies would try todo the lifestyle thing, but itoften felt generic and flat. 6DG comes up with aspecific narrative thatis directly related to theproperty that they are workingon, and an authentic storyto narrate those moments through.”

~ Maureen Futtner, principal, Maureen Futtner & Associates

Through their thoughtful storytelling, 6 Degrees Group engages a real audience in an authentic manner. They understand the importance of focusing on niche markets and honest relationship building rather than big numbers. The benefits of the team’s two decades of success marketing new construction projects are an extra set of eyes and effective campaign strategies.”

~ Sonia Roll, VP of Marketing, Compass

“Bringing experience in regions from San Diego to Seattle, 6 Degrees Group is worth their fee in spades. The team thoroughly researches the local culture, providing smartly targeted, strategic, and creative digital campaigns that bring points of interest to life. What’s more, their team goes above and beyond to obtain stirring imagery through neighborhood partnerships and influencer cross-promotion. I highly recommend 6DG.”

~ Dana Van Galder, Marketing Director, Polaris Pacific


“6 Degrees Group is forward thinking. They fearlessly push themselves and their clients to evolve—testing, iterating, and incorporating insights into forward strategies that work. Equally important, they know analytics and ROI matter—and, like any good artist, have an intuitive knack for researching, developing, and promoting content that makes people tick. What sets their content apart from others is the energy they invest in staying on top of trends, thinking through the entire marketing mix, and emphasizing emotional connections to brands. 6DG excels at creating meaningful content through effective storytelling that engages audiences and drives brand affinity.”

~ Whitney Welsch, Project Manager, Wilson Meany

“Creating a strong sense of community, place, and brand loyalty, 6 Degrees Group authentically elevated digital communications at Optima Kierland, piquing interest [and] driving energy, foot traffic, engagement, and genuine connections among neighborhood residents and the surrounding area. It’s evident our residents truly feel a sense of pride for their lifestyle, and it’s exciting to see them share it.”

~ Eileen Hovey CEO, Optima Realty

“Taking hospitality communications to the next level, 6 Degrees Group was able to create a strategic plan through both visual and written communications in order to build brand loyalty and tell a much larger story for our clients, ultimately driving home repeat visitors, new memberships, and sales.”

~ Curtis Tischler, Principal, SagePoint