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An engaging and results-driven new development marketing leader since 1997, Kirstin established 6 Degrees Group at the very onset of social media. After recognizing new opportunities for digital marketing in 2007, she pioneered novel creative strategies and data-driven solutions as an innovative offering to clients who relied on traditional media to promote their properties. This led to the founding of 6 Degrees Group in 2009.

Combining a rare skill set of a strategic mindset, creative capabilities, and community-building expertise, Kirstin has mastered the art of storytelling that bridges digital and analog for authentic engagement that translates into sales. She quickly became an industry leader, panelist, and educator for the Urban Land Institute and BIA, taking home multiple awards and receiving special nomination honors at the The Nationals, the NAHB’s most prestigious awards’ competition. Over the years, she has created hundreds of memorable campaigns, mainstay events, and happenings that continue to anchor and excite the communities she helped build. Her deep and diverse real estate expertise coupled with an intuitive understanding of online community building has quickly positioned 6 Degrees Group as the definitive choice among developers, development sales and marketing firms, and other key players in the real estate and hospitality spaces. 

Additionally, Kirstin is the founder of Women In New Construction (WINC), an exclusive invitation-only networking group for female leaders in the industry.

Kirstin Burghart
Co-Founder + Chief Creative Officer

“At the heart of it, people aren’t simply seeking a specific floor plan or finishes—they are looking for a lifestyle fit, convenience, comfort, and human connection to live their best life.”


BA. University of Colorado at Boulder 
Interior Architectural Design - Certificate
Brokers License (CA and OR)


Urban Land Institute (ULI)
Building Industry Association (BIA)
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)




Jeff Burghart
Co-Founder + Chief Strategy Officer


“If these tools existed in the 1990s, when I was leading new development sales and marketing efforts, I would have jumped at the opportunity to break my own news.”


BS, Real Estate Finance, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
Green Building Professional—University-Certified
Broker’s License (CA and OR)


Urban Land Institute (ULI)
Building Industry Association (BIA)
National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)


A former new development executive, Jeff has comprehensive experience in the industry, including evaluating commercial and residential property acquisitions, marketing and sales, and personally overseeing approximately 500 closings throughout various market cycles. Best known for his contribution to the revitalization of Portland’s Pearl District, his success was instrumental in becoming a notable case study for urban development and was even acknowledged by Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Henry Cisneros.  

 Jeff is passionate about solving problems using an artful blend of technology and new media. He measures his success through his ability to engineer client solutions that are not only measurable in data points but also reflected in genuine user engagement. Jeff leads the 6 Degrees Group analytics distribution and is responsible for overseeing The 6 Degrees Report, which is issued quarterly to clients.


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In her role as director of strategic communications, Chonta is responsible for the execution of 6 Degree Group’s client strategies. A marketing professional who is versed in a variety of social media platforms, Chonta leads content creation, editorial, copywriting, campaign, and editorial calendar development, and advises clients on the best utilization strategies for their digital marketing budgets. 

 Chonta comes from a long career working with top home builder Lennar in multiple roles and has significant experience in sales, marketing, and the escrow/closing processes unique to new development. Prior to joining 6 Degrees Group, Chonta was an integral team member on notable ground-up Bay Area developments, including BLU and The San Francisco Shipyard. She prides herself on being highly tech savvy, curious, a creative problem solver, and a thoughtful communicator.

Chonta Burgess
Director of Strategic Communications

“Making the move from the client side to the service side has been eye-opening. Beyond the traditional quantifiable measurements, the amount of daily customer care, endorsements, and engagements that goes on behind the scenes is powerful. It’s invaluable, really.”